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Artful Fabrics and Elevating Energy of Natural Silk

Sevenmuses' unique blend of art, empowering stories, and handcrafted designs piques our curiosity. Meet founder Derya Uluç to explore her vision for sustainable and quality fashion.

BeStyle Magazine

Get to know SEVENMUSES

Draped in luxury, woven with heritage. Shine in the new season. Check us out in BeStyle Magazine's May issue! Dive deeper into our world and discover the art of exquisite silk on page 25.

Your Role in Sustainability

Be Our Muse, Inspire change

Join us in the effort to reduce our environmental footprint. You can contribute by making conscious purchases, championing local artisans and their handwoven silk traditions, and caring for your garments. Explore our Care Guide to extend the life of your pieces and consider passing them on for a second life through resale or donation.