Selfcare Sunday Quick Tips

Selfcare Sunday Quick Tips

Recharge yourself after a stressful week; have a lazy sunday with a light heart. Below are some weekend ‘treat yourself’ tips that everyone can benefit from. We would like to share 5 easily doable tips for your Sunday. Trust us, you deserve this ‘Sunday Selfcare’ me time.

Here are 5 tips for a deep mental and bodily relaxation for your precious ‘Selfcare Sunday’ time:

1- Take a Luxurious Bath

Nothing soaks away life’s stresses like a nice bath. To make it even better, make it so luxurious that you can set aside a couple of hours to relax in comforting bubbles, read a good book and have a drink of your choice.

2- DIY Spa Day ?‍

All you need is a comfy robe and some of your best beauty products. A true DIY spa day should consist of pampering yourself to the fullest. Prepare your facials, warm tea (or coffee), and an array of snacks, all while fully couched out on your sofa or bed. Light your favorite scented candle or plug in a diffuser to fill your room with the scents of essential oils. A warm bath, taking care of your skin, and a gorgeous scented candle will help you feel relaxed and stress-free.

3- Play Tourist in Your City/Town ?

There’s no better way to get to know your city or town than by playing tourist. This makes for a fun and exciting time for those who aren’t homebodies. Treat yourself this weekend by picking out a few places you’ve never been before.

4- Go To Your Favorite Restaurant ?

Take a break from cooking. You deserve a treat – the weekend is life’s finest pleasures, and this includes gastronomy.

5- Make One Happy Purchase 

You should treat yourself by making one purchase that will really cheer you up. To help, we are giving you all a 20% off code on all our limited edition silk designs. Use the discount code ‘WEEKEND’. Treat yourself with love and care, and treat your skin with the best handwoven and handmade Seven Muses silk fabrics.