Benefits of Using Silk Clothing

Benefits of Using Silk Clothing

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The Benefits of wearing Silk clothing

Silk is one of the most luxurious, coveted fabrics in the world, but have you ever read more on how or why wearing Silk clothing is actually beneficial to our skin and our general health? Let’s talk about four vital benefits of silk products for our skin and general health.

1- Silk prevents hair breakages and damaged hair

A lot of hair ties can cause breakages and damage. However, the natural properties of silk can help reduce friction and damage, which inevitably causes split ends. As opposed to other materials that are commonly used in hair products such as cotton, silk also does not strip off your hair’s natural oils, keeping its hydration. Treat yourself to a SEVEN MUSES scrunchie now, and wake up with nourished, smooth, tangle-free hair.

2- Silk products reduces skin irritation and let’s your skin breathe

Marilyn Monroe confessed that she regularly slept draped in nothing but the finest white silk sheets. That may be because of the health benefits associated with it–and it’s advice we should all be following.

Silk is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin; made from long, smooth fibers that are not abrasive against your skin, the smooth texture in silk reduces irritation to sensitive skin. Silk prevents loss of moisture and is better tolerated than other fabrics, particularly by people with sensitive skin.

Skin feels more nourished whilst wearing silk, as silk allows air to move in and out of the material, enabling renewed oxygen to touch your skin. Therefore, silk is a great fabric to use as nightwear, allowing your skin to breathe and feel refreshed.

3 – Rest like a queen: no more stress and perspiration

There is nothing worse than breaking out into a sweat halfway through your sleep. If you live in more of a hot or humid climate, silk is an ideal fabric choice as it helps regulate our body temperature and reduce perspiration while we sleep.

The cooling effect of silk during hot summer nights makes silk an optimal choice for sleepwear.
Silk can also reduce stress factors for our body and aid in a deeper slumber. A choice of silk puts the least stress on our skin, allowing you to sleep comfortably without irritation.

Try one of SEVEN MUSES’ robes and loungewear to enjoy at home, and rest well. Our SEVEN MUSES collection includes eye masks, robes and hair accessories to ensure you get a well-needed rest.

4 – Retain a youthful glowing complexion and moisturized skin with the help of silk clothing

Made with tightly woven, smooth fibers, the properties of silk allow it to keep moisture close to the skin, so you’re not losing that well needed hydration as you would by sleeping on cotton. This also brings it back to reversing the signs of aging—happy, hydrated and plumper skin means fewer wrinkles!