We are dedicated to being transparent, and openly sharing information with you, here you will discover the origins of our precious handwoven materials and we will share information including the pricing of our products. We encourage you to explore more as we unveil the inner workings of our atelier, factories we work with and disclose our pricing and goals.

All-Natural and Handmade Excellence

The importance we place on having our own unique touch and our need for the highest possible quality natural garments inspired us to create state of art designs that would in effect, speak for us, and you. Every aspect of crafting our products is entirely natural, handmade, and distinctive...

Discover about our story, traditions, and unique handmade materials...

style and quality to last a lifetime

Over the course of our  journey creating SEVENMUSESwe have developed unique quality silk, wool and linen products for your comfort. Staying true to the 3000 year old ancient Anatolian tradition, all our fabrics are weaved on handlooms, and washed carefully with olive oil soap following strong ancient traditions. Each design is 100% handmade. We only use organic silk, linen and wool fabrics in our production.


We prioritize transparency in revealing the true costs of our timeless silk designs. Our business model maintains top quality at fair prices, as we craft most designs on demand, often customized. Every Sevenmuses style undergoes a comprehensive multi-stage process before it reaches a state ready for you to embrace. Our pricing covers operational costs and fair compensation for our talented team.

- Trims, buttons and other accessories


TRANSPORT- From factory to wearhouse to final customer

PACKAGING- Packing materials (boxes, silkpaper, stickers etc.)

VAT = VALUE ADDED TAX- The standard rate of VAT in Turkey is 10%

RUNNING COSTS - Product design & development
- Sampling
- Warehouse & logistics costs
- Webshop & maintenance
- Marketing & PR
- Salaries
- Photography
- Models

Your Role in Sustainability

Be Our Muse, Inspire change

Join us in the effort to reduce our environmental footprint. You can contribute by making conscious purchases, championing local artisans and their handwoven silk traditions, and caring for your garments. Explore our Care Guide to extend the life of your pieces and consider passing them on for a second life through resale or donation.